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今日freestyle:每天自戀多一些 (港男)

[轉載/Youtube]mingjai14 — April 23, 2010 — I think it's ridiculous how chinese guys are super self obsessive nowadays. Feel free to subscribe!
Song credit: MC Jin - 想影相
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今日freestyle:每天再買多一些 (港女)

[轉載/Youtube]mingjai14 — May 13, 2010 — Many girls are born- shopaholics, and so the guys have become victimized. I do notice lots of guys like shopping as well, in this video I'm just speaking for the ones that don't. Feel free to subscribe!!
Song credit: 側田 - Volar


[轉載/Youtube]mingjai14 — June 06, 2010 — Facebook stalkers are the most pathetic people on earth. They spend half a day on internet checking out friend's friends(hot chicks) but when in real life, they are just loners who can't get girls in a normal way.

集體freestyle:父親節(Warning: will be boring to ppl who didn't participate)

[轉載/Youtube] mingjai14 | June 20, 2010
This piece of work is not solely mine; witness the group effort from the people who put in the time to record this. Thanks for participating, you guys are awesome! Happy Father's Day!!!

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